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It is with sincerest gratitude and humility that I say “Thank you!” for your business! Joy, Hope, healing, friendship, and Love would not be expressed so fully without amazing customers who continue to purvey this significant message through the act of giving. Although we live in an ever-changing world, not EVERYTHING has to change! Sending a bouquet of flowers is a long-standing tradition to express the kindest human emotions from one person to another. We are here to see that spreading Love with flowers is still facilitated and carried out with the highest product quality and integrity possible! Thank you for allowing us to play a small part in the Love you are spreading every day. One Bouquet, or event at a time! Without you, the world would be a little less lovely!

Kindest Regards- Sarah Norris

Floral Cost

We understand how purchasing flowers may be new and overwhelming to most people– that is why here at Norris Estate we aim to make this process as clear and effortless as possible!

At Norris Estate we work to accommodate all floral budgets, bringing your vision to a reality. To the right are some very basic pricing averages of typical floral pieces. For inquires and more information please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch!

Norris Estate also offers three pre-designed floral packages. All you have to do is pick the design that best matches your occasion and let us know how many quantities you need of each item. It’s as easy as that! Learn more about each package by clicking on the photo below.

Please note that at Norris Estate we have a $500 order minimum.

Average prices per item:

Bridal bouquet- $220

Bridesmaid bouquet- $80

Boutonniere- $25

Corsage- $35

Low Centerpiece- $75

Tall Centerpiece- $200 (Up in the air)

European Garden

This Design Boasts of the lush, rich garden heritage specific to Europe. From the country gardens of Wales to the pristine manicured gardens of forgotten French chateaus.

Bold Bohemian

Express your unique love with bold, vibrant colors and textures in our Bohemian arranged look. Your relationship story is illustrated by a mixture of moments, memories, and timelines that has shaped you to reflect these gorgeous blooms.

Spring is in the Air

Light and Airy arrangement of Hydrangeas in spring blue and green with light pink snapdragons. A assortment of foliage such as eucalyptus and tree ferns, set a beautiful background for these blooms to shine for spring.

Custom Quote

I like what I see, however, I have my heart set on some of my own ideas and would like to have a custom quote from Norris Estate Flowers. Fill out our “Contact Us” Form, we would love to meet you and hear your ideas! 

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