Does Norris Estate do catering?

No. We are not a licensed facility to do food preparation. Along side legally, we feel that this day is all about what you want! We want our clients to choose who they will have prepare and serve their meal. The choice is yours, as long as its catered!

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes. Alcohol may be served for your reception. By law, you must have a licensed caterer who holds a alcohol license in INDIANA obtain all the necessary permits to serve at Norris Estate. Your caterer is responsible for having licensed bar tenders in Indiana serve your beverages. We ask this be done with the up most care and responsibility! Remember, it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone! No Beer, wine or spirits of any kind may be brought onto the property of Norris Estate by any client or its guest. Legal action will be taken if these terms are violated. The Norris Estate does not hold a Alcohol License. The Norris Estate assumes NO responsibility for arranging alcohol serving or distribution for any event!  

Can we do only PART of your inclusive package?

No, we do not allow partial packages. The inclusive package is designed to make the labor of creating and orchestrating a outside event simple for our clients. The inclusive package allows Norris Estate to organize and assemble a classy, upscale event for you and your guests by grouping together ALL the essential elements. This feature allows you to see the full cost associated with each department, at the beginning of the planning process. We believe the best philosophy is to be upfront and honest with our clients on the cost associated with constructing and producing a classic, timeless event. These packaged elements will allow all of us to look back this occasion with favor, and know only the best vendors were used! Pictures will capture your once in a lifetime day, you want them to be beautiful and so do we! The old saying “you get what you pay for” holds a great deal of truth in our opinion. We believe we have assembled the best product at the best price with the best quality for our clients.